Yvette makes glass and ceramic mosaics for the home and garden.

I originally studied botany in South Africa, and after many years of travelling and teaching I settled in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. There I did a short evening course in mosaic, which has gradually evolved into the glass creations that you can see displayed here. Many of my mosaics are inspired by the intense yellows, reds and blues of my native Africa and the unique quality of light found there at the start and end of the day.


Recently I have done work with Venetian millefiori and the wonderfully vibrant smalti glass, so combining the inspiration of Italy with my African roots and Roman surrounds.


My work has gradually evolved over the past few years and now includes:


    Free standing stained glass garden mosaic


   Glass window hangings and outdoor hangings

   Glass mosaic pendants

   Tiny Moroccan ceramic mosaic pendants

   Mixed media mosaics

   Pebble mosaics

   Decorative candle plates and bird baths.



I run occasional workshops at the Gloucestershire Arts and Crafts Centre.


Commissions are welcomed.

Baobab Tree Mosaics

Yvette Green

Yvette is based in






[email protected]



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Yvette is able to trade and post work at the moment.