Woollen Wisdom comprises Cheryl Jackson and Tasha Sidford, who both made felted woollen products.

Hi, I am Cheryl Jackson and I am one half of Woollen Wisdom. I first picked up felting needles in 2006 and became addicted very quickly. Starting from a small bag of wool and a couple of needles, I have now progressed to a whole craft room dedicated to my hobby! I enjoy creating magical little folk and the animals and worlds they live in. It gives me joy to know that my creations go to decorate their new owners' homes and bring smiles to their faces. I love to work with colourfully dyed wools, natural wools and other fibres such as silk, alpaca and camel.



My name's Tasha and I'm the other half of Woollen Wisdom. I love to needle felt but wet felting is my passion, particularly hats. I love the way wool has a mind of its own and will often come out as very different from the way it was intended. It’s fascinating the way the different fibres behave and interact with each other and the overall effects that they create.



We began Woollen Wisdom's craft stalls to prevent our homes becoming overrun with our woolly productions! We also run felting courses and parties.










Woollen Wisdom

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