Trudi sells original acrylic paintings, Fine Art Giclée prints and cards in Bourton Artisans.


She is also the shop's manager.

I paint natural scenes from the surrounding Cotswolds and beyond using acrylic paints on canvas.


Some places create an impact upon the observer, and for me it is the grand show that nature offers.  Walking around nearby hills and woodlands, particularly Dumbleton Hill near my home, brought my deep love of the countryside out, to emerge in my paintings.  Combinations of light and shade make me stop and stare, the changes brought about by the seasons, so many things unite to bring about a moment of beauty.


It is these fleeting observations that I attempt to capture in my paintings.  I invite the viewer to take a moment to absorb the mood of each piece, and imagine the crunch of snow, or the feel of warm sunshine.   I attempt to capture the compelling beauty of a single moment, to share it with others.


I will often ‘see a painting’ whilst out and about, and always have a camera on me, which serves as my sketch pad.  I can then use the images taken, along with the sense of the place I have visited, to paint from.  My work takes a long time to create, as I pay attention to much detail with each piece.  The original paintings are professionally reproduced as limited edition, signed, Fine Art Giclée Prints.


I have exhibited all around the Cotswolds and South West including the RWA, and of course in Arcade Artisans, where I am often to be found.

Trudi Hayden

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Trudi is able to trade and post work at the moment.