Nikki used the technique of paper quilling to create intricate attractive designs, captured within a frame, or simpler compositions on cards.  She also created beautiful embroidered pieces and paintings.

Nikki Kelly

Ramkin's Tump


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The ancient art of paper quilling, (or filigree paper), was begun by nuns and other ladies about five hundred years ago, when paper first became common in Europe.  


Traditionally, strips of paper were cut and a quill pen used to roll the paper which was then squashed onto shapes and glued to form elaborate patterns. Later, cabinet makers made boxes and furniture with recessed panels specifically to receive quilled paper.


As well as cards for all occasions, Nikki created very special, personalised keepsakes and original art pieces, to be handed down through the generations and become antiques in their own right.


Sadly Nikki passed away in March 2016.  She is greatly missed by all who knew her, and we are honoured to have enjoyed her company and talent in  our shop.



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