Mike works in alcohol-based markers and fine nibbed pens to create portraits of famous people from real life and fiction.


Michael Carter


Mike is based in

Bishops Cleeve





[email protected]



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Michael Carter is a Cheltenham based Artist working under the moniker MJCarterDesigns.


An interest in social cultures and a firm fascination of people, even from an early age, Michael has always worked with a single character as his subject matter. What makes one person identifiable and the term ‘identity’ sparked him to study physical characteristics, then deconstruct them to their simplest form, whilst still being widely recognisable.


Taking inspiration from pop culture, broadcast media and iconic images he has worked on some of the most recognisable faces in history and now has a rather large portfolio of work.


His work is simple, neat and uses clean block colours. Working with alcohol-based markers and fine line pens, each piece is hand illustrated to meet his exacting,  some may say OCD, standards.