John made chain maille jewellery in a variety of finishes.

John Stapleton


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Chain Maille


Originally designed to protect soldiers in battle, the art of chain maille has been around for probably over 2,000 years. There are different variations from all over the world, though nowadays it has few functional uses and is now used mostly for decorative purposes.

John combined the various styles to produce pieces of jewellery that were unusual and stylish.


John’s chain maille jewellery was handcrafted from hundreds of small rings made from either enamelled copper or anodised aluminium, which means that even if you suffer allergic reactions to most jewellery, even gold, it is possible that his will be ok.


Commissions were welcome, most of the chain maille could be made to size and in your choice of colours or materials, though some designs were made as unique one–offs.


Sadly John passed away in 2019, and will be greatly missed by his many friends in the shop.