Emma Gorton is an artist and designer living in the Cotswolds with her two house rabbits Bella and Bryn. Emma grew up in Bourton-on-the-Water and has always loved the beauty and tranquility of the area finding it to be a real source of inspiration.

Emma Gorton


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Emma’s speciality is animal portraiture and she mostly works on pet portrait commissions. “For a lot of owners a pet is so much more than just a pet – they are another member of the family. A pet portrait can be a lovely gift or way of commemorating a beloved animal.”


Drawing is definitely a labour of love for Emma and her style focusses heavily on detail. “I always strive to really capture the essence of an animal’s character.”


In addition to pet portraits, Emma uses her charcoal animal drawings along with watercolour designs and witty animal puns to produce fun and colourful greetings cards and prints. She is also currently working on incorporating some new exciting products into her range.



Emma is still able to trade and post work at the moment.