David paints local beauty spots and more, using finely detailed watercolour or soft pastels.  He offers originals, prints and a wide range of cards.

David Brindley


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David has worked as a freelance illustrator since leaving college in 1979 having obtained a teacher training degree in Cheshire.  Self taught, apart from the guidance and encouragement from art teachers, he first became aware of a creative talent as commissions began, albeit on a small scale, whilst still at school.  They continued during his student years until the decision to embark on an artistic career was made.


Always favouring a detailed, graphic style, his early work was in pen & ink and echoed the engraver’s art with landscape and architectural subjects a main source of inspiration.  Over the years these black & white illustrations were presented with watercolour washes as publishers and other commercial commission required the combined impact of David’s detailed linear style with the addition of colour.


For nearly 20 years a collaboration with the Danbury Mint in Connecticut has seen David designing many collectibles in their extensive range.  Of late the graphic side of his work in America has given way to producing more and more Fine Art works for them.  Consequently, this shift of emphasis has been the catalyst for a series of watercolours begun in the last 18 months.  


Anyone studying these watercolours would quickly appreciate the effect that years of graphic design have had on the new works.  The technique is certainly influenced by the control often required in penmanship that contrasts with the free flowing board sweeps of the colour wash associated with many watercolour paintings.  It is, therefore, this influence that has created the detailed presentation of buildings and landscape that characterises his recent portfolio.



Paradoxically, though, at the very time that he was beginning to develop the detailed watercolour landscape paintings the exploration of another medium presented itself.  As the Artist in Residence for a week at a Gloucester Primary School, David gave children the opportunity to create artwork in a number of different media including pastel painting.  Intrigued by the qualities and the effects that soft pastels can achieve, David is embarking on producing a number of pastel paintings to add to his portfolio of work.  The nature of the pastel sticks results in compositions that are much broader and less detailed than the pen and watercolour style David is known for, relying more on the impact of the use of blended colours.  The results of this new collection of works can be seen as a series of original paintings, limited edition prints and greetings cards.


This has been an amazing and exciting artistic journey for me,” David relates, “as I have, in essence, re-invented myself after 30 years as an illustrator!  The change has come about, in part, through the necessity to follow where the work is to be found.  However, as a creative person we sometimes yearn to try something new, extend ourselves and see what we can make of these new challenges and opportunities.  I think that I had got to that point and discovering watercolours and pastels has given me an unexpected impetus.  As I produce and present these paintings I feel privileged to earn a living doing something that I really enjoy.  I f I can stir an emotion, recall a fond memory or prompt a pleasant reaction as others view my work then, to me, that is what art is all about.”

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