Becky makes posable textile animal sculptures.


Becky Dick

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Taxtiles is a merge of two words "Textile & Taxidermy" Breaking the boundaries to create edgy unique pieces of artwork/gifts for the home and business.

Some items are what is called “textile taxidermy” in which techniques used in taxidermy are translated into fabric, yarn and thread. I then use my own style and process called weave binding™ to create these wonderful creatures.


The materials used in the textile sculpture are sustainable yarns, threads and fabric. All sculptures are posable and can interact with each other. Even the textile trophy heads are posable with the ears. Every sculpture is bespoke and unique. They can vary in colour and personality which gives them great character.

taxtiles handmade by Becky D DSC_3643 Dick, R Blue Hare Rebeca Dick 6 LOW RES Image C - Becky Dick, Mother & Baby Hare Taxtiles Dick, R Textile Trophy Heads LOW RES Image D - Becky Dick, Textile Trophy Head Stag Taxtiles LOW RES Image B - Becky Dick, Greyhound Taxtiles 12068581_898895416868254_2455274479230869436_o mapstroud